DNA tells a unique backstory about our health. It helps illuminate patterns in family medical history, gives clues about any risk for chronic disease, and guides clinicians to prescribe highly personalized treatment. Our testing for pharmacogenetics can help uncover a more complete picture of a patient’s health.

Pharmacogenetics is a non-invasive genetic test utilizing an oral swab to identify how a patient’s genetic profile may impact his or her response to certain medications. Two patients, with the same diagnosis who are prescribed the same medications, may exhibit significantly different clinical responses.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

The information from PGx testing will allow health care providers to discover a faster and more effective path to optimal medication management, helping to maximize the benefits of drug therapy while minimizing the economic, physical, and emotional burdens of ineffective medication trials. 

  • Right Drug, Right Dose

  • Move beyond trial and error

  • Get help identifying the best medication for your patient

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