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Infectious Diseases (IGx)

Our patients are promised the most comprehensive diagnostic pathogen tests and identification of antibiotic resistance genes on the market. We utilize the most advanced, CDC- recommended technology to produce the most comprehensive reporting at an exceptional turn-around time. This technology provides genetic identification of each pathogen with an accuracy rate of 99.8%. Along with the ability to test for infectious diseases, we will educate your personnel in collection procedures and will provide you with the tools necessary to act quickly should you encounter a septic patient.

Additionally, we provide safeguards to protect your personnel and patients from risk of contamination during testing. We provide molecular testing that optimizes the use of quantitative Real-Time PCR technology. Real-Time PCR provides rapid and highly accurate laboratory testing to quickly diagnose an array of infectious disease pathogens. 

Our pathogen detection panels provide comprehensive and targeted pathogen tests for the following most-required tests, among others: Respiratory, UTI, STI, Wound, and Gastrointestinal. In addition, our testing solutions provide you with precise antibiotic resistance reporting to help you better understand identified infections. PCR-based testing has been shown to reduce cost, time, and other resources that patients and clinicians often are burdened with when sepsis is suspected.

Wound Care

Our wound panels can enhance wound care specialists’ treatment plans and improve their patient outcomes. Studies have shown that this is because chronic wounds, wounds that fail to progress through normal wound healing trajectory, are a growing problem for the healthcare system. The total cost of chronic wounds is difficult to measure but is possible - the unfortunate patient impacts resulting in loss of limbs and eventually loss of life is the culmination for far too many patients.

Our molecular test can reveal a greater number of bacterial species in chronic wounds than culture results demonstrate. Wound care specialists have used molecular microbial diagnostic information to develop personalized medicine methods in wound care.

Culture vs Real Time PCR

Identifying the proper pathogen is the main step in the development of an appropriate treatment plan for an infection. The gold standard has been traditional culture and sensitivity. Now providers have an another diagnostic test available – molecular testing. 

Traditional culture method is all about growing what is already there, however slowly but surely we are expanding and observing phenotypic characters including shape, size, staining property, and reactions in biochemical tests. It usually means a lot of process of trial and error, ruling out species after species until you have only one option left using observable characteristics. The major advantage of Real-Time PCR over traditional culture method is the ability to obtain accurate results promptly.