Blood and Wellness Testing

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Blood Test

Advanced Lipid Testing


Test Tubes

Glucose Metabolism

Thyroid Panel

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Heart Function

Sex Hormones

Measures the size, number and function of your cholesterol particles

Assesses whole body inflammation with a focus on inflammation in your arteries

A broad look at your sugar metabolism and pancreatic function

Assess your complete thyroid health which directly affects your energy level

In depth look at heart health, looking at tests that directly measure heart health

Look at your overall sex hormone levels and how that is impacting your overall health and well being

A Comprehensive Wellness test helps a patient and their physician determine the health status of an individual, either by providing general health information to diagnose a condition, or by offering comprehensive results to assess the risk of future health complications or the cause of symptoms in a patient. In addition to a complete urinalysis and blood count profile, this test can also provide physicians and patients with a Lipid Profile which unfolds the health of an individual’s cardiac system.

General and comprehensive wellness testing is ideal for everyone, but particularly for those who have previously had abnormal results on prior wellness tests. These tests can indicate several deficiencies and irregularities in a patient’s system and can be useful for an overall checkup on a person’s health, or to pinpoint any deviations which may not yet be exhibiting symptoms.

Your Comprehensive Wellness test begins with a blood sample which is then analyzed by a medical laboratory. It can help a physician determine if there are any reasons for concern regarding your health and can be useful in the diagnosis of some conditions and disorders which may or may not be discovered by a patient's symptoms. Common reference ranges for results exist among the various Comprehensive Wellness tests, your physician will be able to best assess what is and what is not most beneficial to a patient's health.

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